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2003 Shammy Winners were:

Palm D'Shammy for Best Overall Film - Spec Ops by Sub-Zro Productions
Best Dramatic Movie - Nightmare Street by One More Cookie Productions
Best Sports Movie - Challenge Cup 2002 by Fatty White/Random Hero
Best Actor - Levi Shannon in Challenge Cup 2002
Best Actress - Sarah Erasmus in All in Time
Best Special F/X - EarthQuest by One More Cookie Productions
Best Trailer - All in Time by Levra Inc.
Best Poster - Spec Ops by Sub-Zro Productions

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Shammy Boys Episode 2: The Art of Destruction

Watch the hilarious Film Festival Parody - Snowballs 3 Parody

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Adrenaline Addiction
All in Time
Earth Quest
Mission Not So Possible
My Big Fat Sponge Wedding
Nightmare Street
Shammy Boys 2
Snowballs 3
Spec Ops
The Challenge Cup
The Game
The Lost Shoe