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2005 Shammy Winners were:

Palm D'Shammy - Best Overall Film - "The ELO Club"  
Best Dramatic Film - "The ELO Club" 
Best Sports Film - "Extreme Ironing"    
Best Actor - Dominic Debogorski for "Dom's New Groove"
Best Actress - Briony Wright for "The ELO Club"   

or watch either of the classic Shammy Boys movies!

Shammy Boys and the Evil Ring from the Evil Place
Shammy Boys 4: Attack of the Tones    

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Acorn 47
Bikers' Anonymous
Blessed Hell Ride
Buff Boyz 2
Cager 2005
Challenge Cup
Dom's New Groove
Revenge of the Little People
Shammy Boys 4
Sudden Death Soccer
Sven and Otar
The Red Forest
The ELO Club
Extreme Ironing
Shammy Boys Jr. - The Evil Ring from the Evil Place