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2006 Shammy Winners were:

Palm D'Shammy -  "Emo" by Warren Tedrick Productions
Best Dramatic Film -  "Emo" by Warren Tedrick Productions
Best Sports Film - "Rebel With a Scooter" by Babyn Nolting Productions
Best Actor - Brandon Erasums for "Emo" 
Best Actress - Erin Gullberg for "Scooby Doo"
WAMP Award (Best Technical) - "Stop Chairmation" by Devon Woodward

or watch either of the classic Shammy Boys movies

Shammy Boys Episode 5: The Rings of Ire
Shammy Boys and the Green Menace

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Bubble Wrap
Cager 2006
Challenge Cup
Get Me a Ham Sandwich of the Dead
Rebel With a Scooter
Shammy Boys 5: The Rings of Ire
Shammy Boys Jr and the Green Menace
Scooby Doo
Stop Chairmation
Super Soccer 2006
Super Squirrel Club 3