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2007 Shammy Winners were:

Palm D'Shammy -  "LIAM: Living in a Monday" by Labyrinth Productions
Best Dramatic Film -  "LIAM: Living in a Monday" by Labyrinth Productions
Best Music Video - "Love Rhymes With Hideous Carwreck" by Joanna Matthews
Best Actor - Liam Baldwin-O'Neill for "LIAM: Living in a Monday"
Best Actress - Miranda Tschirhart for "Austin Wowsers: Man of Mystery"

or watch either of the these two classic movies

"The Substitutes"
"Husky Boys: Power Failure"
"Living Room"
The song rocks and rolls and slams pretty hard.  And all of this in a living room.  Did I mention that it also sleeps and falls off the couch?  You'll have to see it to understand...
"Austin Wowsers: Man of Mystery"
Part of the mystery is who is the real Austin?  Could it be #1?  or #2?  or #3?  or even #4?  Watch Miranda in her award winning performance in this spell-binding tale that will leave you wondering about laser dogs and Mr. Barre.
"Dukes of YK"
Bo, Luke and Daisy living in the Knife.  How cool would that be?  The problems ensue when Cooter mysteriously becomes a bad guy and helps kidnap the sensous Daisy.
"Love Rhymes With Hideous Carwreck"
It certainly does.  See this inventive, creative, and bombastive video on the awards page because it won best music video.  It certainly sets the bar pretty high for videos to follow.
"LIAM: Living in a Monday"
Possibly the scariest movie you will see all year.  No, really.  Liam in his ginch?  The horror, the horror...
"Pidgeon Chasing"
Stephen Babyn cares deeply for our Earth.  He'd have to if he cares about pidgeons...

"Lord of the Irish"
William Golding's classic novel is brought to life in the harsh wilderness of the (castle) rock area.  Will we witness Deux ex Machina as Ralph runs for his life?  

"WoW Life Sucks"
World of Warcraft has been slowly killing our youth for years.  Now, this bold look at the addiction will challenge you to kick your WoW habit.
"Husky Boys: Power Failure"
St. Joes is under attack.  The power keeps going out and Mrs. Campbell wants the Husky Boys to fix the problem.  With lightsabers blaring, they hit the problem head on!
"The Substitutes"
When Craig Shammy blew town, we needed to make changes.  4 students were chosen to save the school.  This is their first adventure.  Watch and learn!
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"Ode to the Taxman"
in a world where there are two Shammies, there isn't a school big enough for the both of them.  If that doesn't make any sense, just watch the movie!