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2009 Shammy Winners were:

Palm D'Shammy - "Bulls in Brooklyn" by TurtleBox Productions
Best Sports Film - "The Newscast" by TurtleBox Productions
Best Dramatic Film -  "Time Machine Reaches Future... No-one there"
Best Music Video - "The Jitterbug" by Turtlebox Productions
Best Actor - Josh Menard for "Time Machine Reaches Future... No-one there"
Best Actress -Nikki Johansen for "An Unfortunate Ending"

or watch either of the these two classic movies

"Shammy Boys 6: Wishful Thinking"
"Husky Boys 3: Redemption"
"Pretty Handsome Awkward"
I'm not sure which one is pretty and it's really not clear which one is handsome but most of it is awkward.  Still, very cool stuff.
"Fire Water"
A throwback to the movies of yore.  This film noir is wonderfully shot and has a tension befitting it's genre.
"Husky Boys 3: Redemption"
With the boys in the middle of a battle with the evil mastermind Curtis, the boys are transported to a different place where they need to relearn their powers.  It's a race against time as they have to do battle with Curtis again for control of St. Joe's Middle School.
"Shammy Boys 6: Wishful Thinking"
Who will save the school when things get really animated?  Not 'The Dramatics' - that's for sure!  Check out the Shammy Boys' return as they figure out who is behind the school's problems.
"Dirty Little Secret"
In a school of over 600 students and staff, there are bound to be some secrets.  That being said, you won't believe the secret which Mr. O'Shammy will share....
This is an experience not to be missed.  That being said, it is not for the faint of heart.  Make sure you have your MedicAlert bracelet on before viewing.
"Dressed for a Friend's Request"
It's not exactly a 'happy-go lucky' song but it is very fast and is filmed with awesome camera shots and effects.  
"Bulls in Brooklyn"
Hey, if you think you know Wesley Anderson - you don't know what you're talking about.  He's a real wild child and it shows in this awesome video.
"Balls of Fury"
A film to get us revved up about Cager 2009, it certainly teaches us a lot about our sports heroes and we learn a little bit too much about Stanley.
"Dragon Dodgeball Z"
Imagine the world of Dragonball Z, the world of Dodgeball, and the world of St. Pat's High all mixed together.  Throw in some zombies and you're starting to get the idea!
"The Newscast"
What do you get when you add a half of Carson, a half of James, and a quarter of Grace?  I have no idea but this is one awesome movie.
"St. Pat's Interact Club"
A movie about recycling... what?  Oh, sorry - it's NOT a movie about recycling.  A very well put together flick which is both informative and entertaining.  It's kind of infotaining.
"Time Machine Reaches Future - No-one there"
Someone told me this is possibly the best time travel story since "Back to the Future 3".  True-dat.
"An Unfortunate Ending"
Janice's crush on Pierre reaches new heights and we even see her learning the intricacies of 12 grain bread.  A must-see for all obsessed young ladies.  As a bonus, you'll always think of Pierre whenever you hear "It's Raining Men".  (That's not really a good thing -just a fact.)
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