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2010 Shammy Winners were:

Palm D'Shammy - "This Isn't the End... Is It?" by Procrastination Productions
Best Dramatic Film - "3 to Iraq, 1 Came Back" by Lost and Found Productions
Best Music Video - "I'm So Paid" by Narlz Barkley Productions
Best Actor - John Murray in "3 to Iraq, 1 Came Back"
Best Actress - Anne Elder in "This Isn't the End... Is It?"

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Husky Boys 4: Room 1407
"I'm So Paid"
Narlie gets some nice stuff and, because he's such a great guy, he gives away most of this things.... well, parts of them anyway...
"Mr. Buble"
When Mr. Buble catches Savannah chewing on some gum, there are some pretty severe consequences.  
"Husky Boys 4: Room 1407"
When strange things start to happen in Ms. Nichols' room, the Husky Boys investigate with bizarre consequences.  You have to see it to believe it!
"Curl Up and Die"
A beautifully filmed video by two up-and-coming grade 9 students.  It deals with love, true friendship and loss.  
"The Good Old Hockey Game"
This pep rally video got us all rocking before our guys and gals went out and decimated Sir John in both Challenge Cup games.  Go Irish!
It's a light and boppy song. It's a light and boppy video.  Seems like they're just right for each and, really, they are.  
Ahhhh September.  One of the best months of the year when our students all return to school.  Maybe that's why there's so much dancing going on.
"The Rock Sk8park"
Some ollies and kick-flips are the least of the gnarly tricks on display in this sports film.
"3 to Iraq, 1 Came Back"
A sombre movie dealing with the harshness of the world of war and the problems of respawning.  Ok... maybe it's not so sombre when Sgt. Jamerson appears.
"Hall Monsters"
It's the epic quest of a man on a quest for a mustache.  Of course, with great mustaches comes great power and great responsibility.
"The Not So Great Robbery"
In the style of the old silent films, two young students attempt to pull off the unthinkable heist.
"The Super Team Saves the Day"
Our school has 4 new heroes all with unique powers strive to battle against a new breed of villain.  We can only hope that the good guys can win in the end...
"Cheats on Test, Temporary Success... Karm"
We all know it's true.  Cheaters never prosper and these cheaters put on a clinic on how to cheat.  Fortunately, the sharp teacher may be on to them.
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"St. Pat's High School Musical"
Zac Efron beware, there's a new crew in town.  When a new girl comes to St. Pat's she finds that our school has a harmony all its own.  
"Interact Movie"
The Interactor may be the one who saves the day but who keeps her going?  And, when that question is answered, who will help that unnamed person?  Confused?  I am.  I'm going to watch it again...
"This Isn't the End... Is It?"
Esther has a new friend.  And, boy, does she like new friends.  In a role reminscient of Stephen King's "Misery", Anne Elder will creep you out!
"Stuck in Tiny Ball, Charmander Plotted"
Ever wonder what happens when pokemon go back into their pokeballs.  Trust me; it ain't pretty!
"Tick Tick Boom"
In an added bonus, check out a movie which will make you scared to wear a really, really big hat.