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2011 Shammy Winners were:

Palm D'Shammy - "Love Story" by Mary Me :)
Best Dramatic Film - "Bloody Mary" by T.O.D Productions
"Conch Kids" by Narlz Barkley Productions
Best Music Video - "Fences" 
Best Actor - Runel Jimenez in "Conch Kids"
Best Actress - Zoe Guile in "Bloody Mary"

or watch this classic movie:

"Husky Boys 5: Graduation"

"Double Vision"
This music video will give you close ups, and far aways.  It'll show you strange sites like people hidden in lockers and rolling in the snow. After watching this video, you'll not only hear 'Double Vision', you'll see it!
"Bloody Mary"
There are few worse things to do than to stand in front of a mirror and spin around saying 'bloody Mary'.  Still, Zoe doesn't quite seem to comprehend this basic truth... 
"Husky Boys 5: Graduation"
When a laptop is stolen, St. Joes goes on red-alert.  The Husky Boys are framed for a crime they didn't commit and will need the help of Curtis to try and prove their innocence.
Tyler Keyes has the worst day... ever.  Try not to laugh too hard at his misfortune.  
"Bite Me... Please
In the world of vampire books, television shows, and movies, some people can make some pretty wild assumptions.  And we all know what happens when we assume things right?
"Pearly Gates Won't Open"
If you only had a few days left to live and were guaranteed a free pass to heaven, what would you do?  
"Thought I Was Right"
Two best friends see their friendship torn asunder by one particular boy.  Is there cheating going on or is something even more nefarious happening?
"Conch Kids"
If William Golding has been raised in Yellowknife and not somewhere in England, this is what "Lord of the Flies" might have looked like.
"Vitamin Water"
I think the essential message of this film is that vitamin water is good.  I may be mistaken though...
"Failed S.A.T..."
Starting with the impossible thesis that Dave could ever fail a test, we see him montage his way through a comeback the likes of which haven't been seen before in St. Pat's cinema.
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"Cooking With the Stars"
Cooking sensation Debbie Downer works with Beyonce, Brittney Spears, and Ke$ha to make a three course meal that is simply delish. 
"Am I Invisible"
Is John invisible?  Sometimes we all wish he would be but this movie sets the record straight once and for all.
"Love Story"
I guarantee you won't watch another foreign film this year which you love as much as 'Love Story'.  
Will Seiji make it back to the game on time?  Will we ever be able to burn the image out of our minds of where he was?
"With Bloody Hands..."
Cassey and Jamie protect themselves from break-ins by setting up a few video cameras in their house.  It works really well...