"The Path"
An artistic view of what happens one day in Yellowknife.  A great video with a rather gruesome ending for Sylvester.
"The Showdown"
How to describe this movie?  Well, maybe it's easiest to say that Monty Python has made a visit to St. Pat's!
"Husky Girls"
Since the Boys have all moved on to High School, it's up the Girls to keep St. Joes safe.  In this mystery, Ms. Cuvelier's grade 2 class is somehow acing the grade 3 AAT.  Is there a dastardly force behind this or is it just great teaching?
"Nuclear Fusion"
Ever been Rick Rolled.  Watch this and you can say that you've been rolled in style!
"Whip My Hair"
An intrinsically Platonian view of the movements of the youth.  And lots of hair whipping... 
A refreshingly beautiful and meaningful video to a wonderful song.  There are lessons to be taken from this video - pay attention!
"Sorry for Party Rocking"
Normally there are no apologies for Party Rocking.  However, this video may explain why they are forthcoming.
"CYAID 2012"
Our SADD group took a trip down to Edmonton and documented it for us to watch.  
"Phone Call"
You might not understand what is going on but there is no doubt to the power in Devon's performance.
"The Summoning"
A movie version of a wildly popular book, we see a group of students with extraordinary powers who are trying to escape their school (obviously, they don't go to St. Pat's!).
"The End"
In a murder mystery for the ages, can anyone survive a stormy night at an inn with a murderer?  As one character will say in the movie, "Ja!"
"The Swagg Kids"
The makers of the Conch Kids come back to delve into the mystery of what makes one 'swagtastic'.  With our new knowledge, we're practically St. Swagtrick High School...
"Safe and Sound"
We all know that Dishti is a wonderful young lady.  However, did you know she is from Madagascar?  What else is she hiding from us and when was the last times she talked to her mom?  All the answers are found in the movie!
Click on any pictures to watch that movie online!
"The Most Interesting Man in St. Pat's"
I know, I know.  You thought Mr. Hart was the most interesting man in St. Pat's.  Apparently, he's second...
"Shammy's Angels"
When our grade 9 hockey star Curtis German is captured by evil grade 9 soccer star Cody Kotylak, Shammy's Angels jump into action.  Can they find Curtis before it is too late? 
"She's Back"
If you saw last year's festival, you'd know that Zoe was not very happy.  Well, she's back and she's not much happier.  But she'd never do anything to hurt her other T.O.D.ers would she?
Click on the name of the movie to watch it online!  

2012 Shammy Winners were:

Palm D'Shammy - "Safe and Sound"
Best Dramatic Film - "Swagg Kids" by Narlz Barkely Productions
Best Music Video - "Nuclear Fusion"
Best Actor - Connor O'Brien in "Swagg Kids"
Best Actress - Morghan Colbourne in "The End"

or watch this classic movie:

"Husky Girls: The Price of Good Grades"